111 reasons to celebrate today

We have at least 111 (+3) reasons to celebrate today, here and now. You are already aware of the one hundred and eleven list, Let me share the +3:


i.            KYS completed one successful year with many bumps, emotions and a rich medley of multiple experiences.

ii.            111 Questions Contemplation series was a success and it was the first of its kind on KYS. Basically, we wanted to give you a surprise gift for the new year and that’s what it was; a Gift that you could cherish for Life. To help you to transform your life is the least we could do. That’s what KYS does!

iii.            We stepped into a New Year with a zest of Thoughtfulness, Awareness and Contemplation of our own lives. The seed is already sown. Don’t forget to nurture it with your affection and water it with your heart and blossoming is bound to come, at its due time ! The sun comes of its own accord. All we can do, is open our doors and windows! Doors and windows of your Mind, Body and the Heart!


I want to thank the entire KYS team for helping us, supporting us, by reading KYS mails and sharing their experiences and valuable feedbacks. I thank all of you for reading the articles so patiently and spending some time out of your daily chores to sit back and enjoy the small KYS pieces. Thank you for letting us into your heart and thank you for becoming a part of our lives. 🙂


I welcome you to join me in spending few minutes to take a glimpse at the poster below which is too small to express the love that we all have experienced and shared in this wonderful year. I am sure, you all enjoy the mails, conversations and sharing articles/stories/thoughts/experiences on and from KYS. I urge with a warm heart to continue the same spirit and keep sharing your thoughts and priceless feedbacks!


Lastly, I am enclosing all the 111 Questions of Contemplation Series at one place for your benefit and reference!

This series started 11 days ago in year ‘11 with a chunk of 11 questions being mailed for contemplation every day, summing up to 111, on 11-01. 🙂


111 Questions for Contemplation:


1.        Did I make any goals/resolutions for the last year?

2.        Did I achieve my last year’s goals/resolutions? How many?

3.        Why was I able to achieve my goals?

4.        If I did not achieve any of the goals, why? What was lacking?

5.        What did I learn in the last year? List down your learning’s.

6.        What are my goals for upcoming year?

7.        Am I really ready and interested to achieve my new goals?

8.        How much time should I dedicate everyday in order to achieve them?

9.        Am I ready to devote a fixed time sincerely for my goals of upcoming year?

10.     What kind of reminders do I need to avoid forgetting about my goals?

11.     Am I ready to grow?


12.     Have I got rid of my negative qualities and habits?

13.     Do I need to get rid of them? Why? and Why not?

14.     Do I admire anybody?

15.     For what reasons do I admire them?

16.     What motivates me to work?

17.     Can I improvise the quality of the work that I do?

18.     What motivates me to live? Why do I wake up every morning? What is the driving force for me to live?

19.     Has my health improved or deteriorated, compared to last year?

20.     What are my fears? List them down.

21.     Do I want to overcome them? Why?

22.     Can I overcome them?


23.    How do I overcome my fears?

24.    What are my strengths? List them down.

25.    Can I improvise them? How?

26.    Can I transform my fears to my strengths?

27.    What are my skills? List them down.

28.    Have I learned any new skills in the last year? List them down.

29.    What skills do I want to learn in the next year? List them down.

30.    Do I pay respect to myself?

31.    Do I respect my family and relatives?

32.    Do I respect and help strangers?


33.    Can I donate something that I have and I don’t use, to somebody who needs it?

34.    Can I help somebody and be a source of happiness for that person?

35.    Can I help the environment in a small way, in my own way?

36.    Can I save water, food and other resources in the upcoming year?

37.    Can I drive less and walk more?

38.    Do I love plants and trees?

39.    Do I love my family?

40.    Am I following my duties to my society/community –  city – country and the world?

41.    How many books did I read last year?

42.    Can I read more books in the coming year? How many?

43.    Do I write down my contemplation, good points, or anything I like?

44.     Can I inculcate the habit of writing?


45.    How does the habit of writing help? What are the benefits?

46.    How often do I laugh?

47.    Do I need to laugh? What are the benefits of laughing?

48.    What happens when I laugh? What are the aftereffects? How does my day go when I laugh?

49.    What are the reasons of my happiness? What makes me happy? List them down.

50.    What situations cause me misery? List them down.

51.    Do I want to continue to be miserable?

52.    Can I learn the alchemy of transforming, sadness to happiness when these kind of situations occur in this year?

53.    What extra bit should I do or learn in order to avoid misery causing from repetitive situations?

54.    Am I able to forgive my close ones for the mistakes they do?

55.     Am I able to forgive strangers for the mistakes they do?


56.    Am I able to forgive people I hate, for the mistakes they do?

57.    What response do I want from people when I make a mistake?

58.    Am I creative? If yes, How?

59.    Can I be creative in what I do?

60.    Were there any moments in the last year that took my breath away? The moments that I will remember for a long time? List them down.

61.    How often do I feel stressful? What is Stress?

62.    Do I want to get rid of the stress? ..Why?

63.    How often do I get angry?

64.    How often do I cry?

65.    How does crying help? What are the benefits of crying?

66.    Am I able to express my emotions?


67.    Do I suppress my thoughts/emotions most of the time?

68.    What is caused by suppressing the emotions?

69.    Can I remain happy every day? List 111 reasons to be happy every day.

70.    Have I grown mentally in the last year?

71.    Have I grown emotionally in the last year?

72.    Have I grown spiritually in the last year?

73.    Have I loved? Have I ever experienced love?

74.    What is my friends, peers, relatives feedback about me? Can I find it out? How will that help me grow?

75.    Do people love me or hate me?

76.    Do people want to befriend me or are repulsed by me?

77.    Can I improve my eating habits?


78.    Do I want to improve my health?

79.    What small things I can do daily/periodically to improve my health?

80.    How many people did I hurt in the last year and regretted later of doing so? List them down.

81.    Do I carry out my tasks myself?

82.    For what all things I am dependent on somebody else? List them down.

83.    Can I reduce those dependencies and learn those skills myself?

84.    Am I scared of new challenges?.. Why?

85.    Am I ready to accept changes?.. Why?

86.    What is the purpose of Life, for me?

87.    What is the important of a Purpose?

88.    Have I understood the Purpose?


89.    Have I grown in the all the five dimensions of life i.e. mentally, emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually?

90.    Do I love my body?

91.    Do I thank my body for helping me throughout without my intervention and not even asking for any salaries, perks J?

92.    Am I able to appreciate other people’s achievements?

93.    Do I say ever “Thank you”? How often?

94.    Have I ever said “Thank you” to existence?

95.    Do I say ever “Sorry”?

96.    Do I ever say “I don’t know” honestly and not boast about my knowledge?

97.    Is my mind always thinking and weaving new things?

98.    Have I known moments of Peace/Silence/No-Mind?

99.    What was the result of these moments? What changes happened in my life due to those?


100.Am I mature? What is maturity?

101.Am I a good listener?

102.Am I healthy? What is health?

103.Am I financially risk free?

104.Have I experienced freedom? What is freedom?

105.What happens to me if my family is not there to support and help?

106.Can I live alone?

107.What is my real nature?

108.Am I this body? Am I this mind?

109.Why am I here?

110.What am I?


111th Bonus question:


111.                         Who Am I?





With love!



About mohitvalecha

Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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