“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”
-Helen Keller

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”
– Nelson Mandela

“We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience; rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
– Howard Thurman

”The cultured give happiness wherever they go. The uncultured whenever they go.”
– Swami Chinmayananda

“The full use of your powers along lines of excellence.”
– definition of “happiness” by John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
– Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

“An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere; while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight… the truly wise person is colorblind.”
– Albert Schweitzer


About mohitvalecha

Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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