Paint my soul

M. F. Husain once said, “Hold the sky in your hands when I paint, coz I do not know the limits of my canvas.” Painting is a love affair. If you do it, you do it whole heartedly. Painting is one of the forms of expression of soul amongst many others. Art, as I see it, is the expression of my soul. If I can express it correctly, I am a good artist. Expression could take any platform; dance, music, words or anything else. It is important that you express, as an artist.

I recently took up painting and graffiti again. I used to do it some time ago and then I got busy with other stuff. I started it again. To help me experiment with it and to help me improve my skills in the area I compiled a list of different styles of painting and sketching. This helps me practice, to experiment, to be able to know my stuff. Eventually, you do not need any styles. You develop one of your own. This will take time and effort and most importantly heart. Artists are not heartless persons, remember. They are sensitive to nature.

  1. Paint a non living subject.
  2. Paint a living subject (portrait/landscape).
  3. Free style painting (Picasso).
  4. Throwing paint on the canvas directly, without using brush (Pollock).
  5. Paint with hands. Once you learn to paint with hands and fingers, trust me, brushes won’t be necessary.
  6. Sketch from memory. Paint it.
  7. Paint directly from memory.
  8. Paint from a picture.
  9. Sketch from a photograph, paint it.
  10. Explore different materials. Some of them could be: pastels, charcoal, color pencils, water soluble colors pencils, fountain pen, poster colors, water colors, oil colors, leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, aerosol sprays etc.
  11. Sketch a moving object. Paint it. Remember, animation is concentration.
  12. Paint hands and feet. Hands and feet are one of the most difficult subjects to paint.
  13. Paint robes. Robes have enough curves, folds for you to practice.
  14. Paint with only one color. Use the background as the second color.
  15. Paint on glass.
  16. Sketch cartoons/caricature.
  17. Paint on wall (Graffiti).
  18. Depict a story/poem in the painting.
  19. Paint self portrait using a mirror.
  20. Paint self portrait using a photograph.
  21. Paint self portrait at different ages. Grid or accordion style could be used.
  22. Paint portraits of loved ones.
  23. Spray painting. Aerosol spray paints could be used.
  24. Paint your room with your stuff in it. (One of the famous Van Gogh painting).
  25. Experiment with light and shadow principle.
  26. Observe deeply. Photograph often. Learn by doing. Remember, painting is to paint and not some thing to read about.
  27. Body painting.
  28. Paint nudes. Try to get the curvatures and veins structure right.
  29. Paint greeting cards, book covers etc.

About mohitvalecha

Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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7 Responses to Paint my soul

  1. Jay says:

    its good to refresh yourself with new mediums. Sounds like you got a lot of fun projects ahead of you.

    I just uploaded some of my design to Complex magazine’s Dr. pepper contest, first prize is a trip to nyc, cash, and an apprenticeship with a designer. All you have to do is upload a piece of yours that is consistent with their Dr/ Pepper cherry “smooth” campaign, i.e. something that reflects a smooth creative process. Give it a shot, try submitting something.

  2. mohitvalecha says:

    Thanks a lot for the information about the content buddy. I would surely take a look and try to submit something. Thanks a lot for reading my post. Keep in touch.

  3. alanzain says:

    Nice articel, i love paint too…paint it is universal…

  4. dewa01api says:

    nice post. i want look at your artwork

  5. mohitvalecha says:


    Thanks a lot for your time, i appreciate, would surely post some of my artwork in here.

  6. I’ve been searching for this exact info on this topic for a while.

  7. Hilary Simpson says:

    Impressive article. When will I get the rest info?

    Hilary Simpson
    escorts west london

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