A list of To-Dos when you don’t know What to do!

Ups and downs are a part of life. Highs are not permanent, neither are lows. Life is always fluctuating between two extremes. This very nature of life is visible in all the smaller attributes of life. Extremes could be really good if used properly. Extreme moments are great possibilities. Considering these positive aspects and considering the amount of time I waste everyday wondering what to do and where to start, I have compiled a list. Feel free to customize this list for yourself and as per your moods. Remember, this is just a start. There could be many more creative things to do.

  1. Go on a vacation to relax your mind.
  2. Join a course. For e.g. music class, salsa, or sky diving.
  3. Complete your studies, if you had missed any or had planned to do it later.
  4. Take certifications related to your career profile.
  5. Adopt a pet.
  6. Start a sport.
  7. Invent something.
  8. Start a blog.
  9. Create a business profile website.
  10. Start painting. Painting is one of the best ways of expressing your thoughts freely on canvas using colours.
  11. Make new friends. Famous social platforms could be a great start. Face book, Orkut, Hi5 etc.
  12. Create a yearly planner. List down the tasks you would want to complete this year. Break them into months and weeks.
  13. Maintain a Birthday list. List down the birthdays of friends and relatives, especially the ones you forget often.
  14. Get involved in a relation. It could be serious or non-serious, or just friends.
  15. Start reading. Read what you like, not necessarily bestsellers.
  16. Watch movies. Keep up with all the blockbusters you have missed. I find this a great pastime as well as a great source of inspiration.
  17. Arrange your wardrobe in an innovative manner. For e.g. based on seasons, or based on colours or based on the type of people you have to meet everyday.
  18. Write a Composition / Poetry. Pick up a pen and a blank sheet of paper, and express yourself freely.
  19. Attend a guest lecture.
  20. Donate old stuff that you don’t use anymore.
  21. Visit art galleries. They could be a good source of inspiration.
  22. College reunion. Time to catch up with old friends. You never know what could become a possible opportunity.
  23. Pay a visit to Old age homes or an Orphanage. They do not have many visitors.
  24. Listen to music. Listen to your favourite music albums that are catching dust in drawers. Music is a therapy as well as meditation.
  25. Speak up. Record your voice. Talk freely about any topic you like. Listen to it, find your mistakes and record again. There are many websites where you can submit your pod casts which people can listen – paid or free.
  26. Fix your old electronic stuff.
  27. Join a health club. They say, “Health is wealth.” nothing is changed so far.
  28. Learn cooking. Cooking is a great art, and trust me, not everybody can do it.
  29. Practice Yoga / Meditation. This relaxes your mind and body. Try different experiments. I enjoy doing this everyday. This could be a great way to understand yourself more and unlock hidden talents and skills.
  30. Fix your computer.
  31. Collect your favourite books from new or second hand stores.
  32. Collect your favourite music from new or second hand stores.
  33. Flash back experiment. Spare few hours and visualize your life backwards or forwards, as you are comfortable. Close your eyes and imagine your entire life is playing in front of you like a movie. Remember every detail as possible. Make a list of the mistakes, you feel, you did. Good moments will make you happy and bad ones will add in your experience list. Nothing to lose.
  34. Learn photography. Firstly, World is very beautiful. It has to be recorded somewhere and secondly; there are many websites, where you can make some bucks by submitting original photographs.
  35. Improve your aptitude skills. Time to solve some quizzes, puzzles and mysteries.
  36. Draw some Cartoons / Caricatures. Remember, animation is concentration. The world would have been a very dull place, if there was no humour.
  37. Write original jokes.
  38. Mend broken hearts. Buy and present a gift to someone you care for.
  39. Invite friends for dinner and spend a good time.
  40. Help someone. What can I do for you? This question is worth asking. Try to ask this question with the right attitude to someone, and you will be surprised to find you could of great help.
  41. Decorate your house / room. Try new ideas. Rethink about old posters and arrangements of furniture.
  42. Gardening. Plants have a life. Plants are also sensitive to love, anger, hatred, music and other emotions. Try yourself.
  43. Feed birds and animals. Feed oats and water to hungry birds and animals. This is a great satisfaction always.
  44. Spend a good time with your parents. They have always been there for you. It’s your turn.
  45. Set mini goals. Reward yourself if you complete on time.
  46. Adopt a good habit. Like keeping silent for 4 hours or helping a needy one on some day. This could be fun as well as satisfaction.
  47. Check out old photographs. This is a great nostalgic tool and a natural way to mend old relations or to relive beautiful moments of life.
  48. Adopt a child. There are plenty who need a parent.
  49. Go green. This means to try greener ways of doing things. This also means doing things, which would save environment.
  50. Plan your investments. Consult a financial planner if you need.
  51. Create something from used stuff.
  52. Spend time with yourself. This could be a great way to identify your mistakes and find solutions to problems which seem impossible otherwise. This could also help you to grow spiritually.
  53. Go and watch a live music concert.
  54. Write your autobiography.
  55. Write testimonials for your friends. Testimonials need not always be about things you like in the person. Honest feedback and appreciations always turn out a reward in the long run.
  56. Change your profession for a day. Try and sell some shampoos or dog food for a day.
  57. Take a dark bath. Take a bath with lights turned off. Check if you can manage.
  58. Visit a library. Browse through your favourite books or encyclopaedias. Find out what is the capital of Mongolia, or most selling food in Brazil.
  59. Try to use a different writing instrument. For e.g. use a charcoal or graphite pencil, permanent marker, colour pencil, sketch pen, glossy pen, etc. instead of a normal pen. It is fun.
  60. Maintain a NOT-TO-DO list and DO-ONLY-WHEN-NEEDED lists.
  61. Create a vision and mission of your life. Write a punch line for it.
  62. Write a bucket list. A bucket list is of the tasks to do before you die.
  63. Play videogames. PS2 or Portable PS are fantastic devices.
  64. Watch online videos. Type a random keyword in search and check out the videos. You tube could be a great start.
  65. Visit a museum. Museum is a good place to learn history.
  66. Spare a few hours to check your bills. Mobile bills, electricity bills, Food bills, Pub bills, Credit card bills, Shopping bills etc. Check if you can cut down somewhere and save some bucks.
  67. Vacuum clean your store room.
  68. Take a walk. Fresh air is very relaxing and rejuvenating.
  69. Experiment with coffee or tea. You can try adding one or more of these: Cream, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove, Pepper, Aloe Vera, Bread, Orange juice, Fruits, Vegetables etc.
  70. Go to a beach and enjoy sea waves.
  71. Make a list of your girlfriends/boyfriends. Then categorize the list into serious/non serious ones. List could be further detailed adding the following things: date/time when met, time spent together, best moments together, worst moments together, things you learned from the person, things you liked/disliked about the person. This could be a great challenge and rejuvenation. This might help us to see our relations though an entirely different perspective. Only one thing to remember BE HONEST.
  72. Change your hair style. Visit a stylist and demand that you want to look like Elvis Presley.
  73. Eat fruits only for an entire day. Visit a grocery store and ask for all kinds of fruits they have. You will be surprised to see few which you dint even know.
  74. Clean your mailbox. There are great chances of hitting across an important mail you had missed to see.
  75. Update your contacts list. This could apply to your contacts in a mobile, PDA, outlook etc.
  76. Call up an old girlfriend/boyfriend and request for a date for old times sake. Beware; this could turn out to be a life changing event 🙂
  77. Change hands. Try to do things with your left hand against usual right hand or right hand for left handed people. Try to do this for an hour, and could be for an entire day, if you can manage without much problems.
  78. Try to remember every face you know with a punch line. For e.g. Johnny, the liar or Suzanne, the pink skinny girl or anything else. Try to use punch lines which define the central quality of the person. This would help you remember more faces and deal with them appropriately.
  79. Donate Blood. Thousands of road accidents happen everyday.
  80. Go for a routine health check-up to your doctor. Pay the bill even if you are healthy.
  81. Find and read about Native American tribes.
  82. Count the number of traffic violators on the way while driving to the office.
  83. Write a letter to Mr. President, asking when is the economy condition of the country supposed to improve and how can you be of help?
  84. Remember and Write the dream, you had last night.
  85. Read a story. Think and suggest a better title.
  86. Go for a test drive of your favourite car.
  87. Go for window shopping in the most expensive street of the city.
  88. Steal something. If succeeded, return the same to the owner, with due respect.
  89. Laugh aloud. Remember a funny moment and laugh freely. This will change your mood.
  90. Go on a blind date. Internet is a revolution. Many websites can help you fix a blind date.
  91. Sell your old pair of trousers at half.com
  92. Take a shower.
  93. Take a day off and visit a local place you had always wanted to.
  94. Go for a swim.
  95. Day dreaming. What happens if you become the president or what happens if Julia Roberts calls you for a date kinda stuff.
  96. Cut your old pair of jeans to make knickers.
  97. Carry an Idea Book with you, to note down important ideas and thoughts wherever you go.
  98. Make a silent confession. Go to the place where you feel calm, close your eyes, and confess everything you want to say.
  99. Google for your name.
  100. Find out why Baby Sitting is a better profession than Dentistry.

About mohitvalecha

Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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