Dear Living Beings,

This message is for all of us. All who breathe, all who feel, all who need food, sleep, shelter and security. All of us who survive on this planet called Earth, which is a small part of this galaxy, which is again part of the Universe where millions of other galaxies and many trillions of similar planets exist, all of us who are born and are told that we would be dead sooner or later. There is enough evidence around to prove these basic facts, isn’t it?

First of all my question is do we know who we are. Do we know what are we here for? Do we know what the purpose of our life is? Do we know what are we supposed to do? One thing one want to make clear is that this is not again a philosophical business. This is truth and we all know it. Most of us agree that life is all about money, food, sex, shelter and security. Are we aware that there is more to life than craving for money, desires and competition?  Do we ever try to find out more from life? Yes there are many people living here who are doing more than the four basic requirements mentioned before. But is it enough? We have great musicians, fighters, artists, sportsmen, speakers and many more of such great gems who dazzle our world. Yes, they are the crown. But is it enough? Can’t we move further? Does life end here? 

We all know what business goes around in the world. We are confined with our desires, our mind. We do what we are taught and we do not ever dare to think more than that, because of fear; fear of losing our identity, or fear from powerful people governing this world. We all know that we are going to die, because we have seen it going that way with other people. That is something which creates agony within us. Then there is fear of emotions, we are humans. We have feelings and emotions. We cry, we laugh, we love, we hate, and we do all what is not mechanical. We agree that emotions are one important aspect where we could be distinguished from machines, robots and computers. I did not say trees, animals and birds because they too have emotions. They do feel anger, hatred, love and attachment too, although they are not human beings. They feel the love, they feel the agony. 

We are all living a mundane life no better than trees, animals and birds. It is actually worse. I can prove it is worse. Then we have mind, the desires and thoughts. Mind is something what rules most part of our lives, we human beings have multiple minds. Mind is nothing but ego, the self. It is what creates thoughts, it is what creates desires, it is energy behind all our sins and achievements. Yes, achievements too. Mind is a blind jockey which keeps whipping us all the time and creates desires and then provides energy to fulfil them. I said blind because it is biased. It cannot differentiate between truth and erroneous. It makes us keep running in this blind race where nobody wins. People seem to win or loose, but actually nothing is ever lost or won. 

It is here, survives eternally. Remember wise people have said, “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can only be converted from one form to another”. We seem to own a lot of things. We own our house, our cars, our machines, our clothes, don’t we? What is going to happen to all these possessions of yours when you die or when you don’t exist? Somebody else will take over them. It becomes the property of somebody else. He is ruling it now; temporary dictatorship. When he dies, somebody else will take care. The cycle goes on and on, endlessly. The things survive, eternally, in one form or the other. Physical attributes change. They say, it all existed as a gigantic mass of energy. They there was the biggest collision in the history of Earth – Big Bang. That created universe, galaxies, stars and planets. Energy always exists. It can never be destroyed. You can climb the biggest mountains, swim through the Atlantic, conquer the stars, or dig out the deepest mines, it’s all the same. Physical aspects are different, energy is always present. 

I am writing all this to trigger an inquiry within you, within me. Let us all inquire. Let us learn to inquire. Inquiring is not just probing or getting answers to your routine questions. Inquiring is deeper. Inquiring is more subtle. Inquire means to explore, to find out, to dig deeper; to find more meaning to all of this. 

Can we begin with the ground level? Can we again start with a zero? Why zero because all of your intellectual oceans, hills and valleys are made up of virtual sand, which blows away even with the smallest jerk of wind and which is an effort of the society at large, for their own benefits. Society has created your mind or rather nurtured it. They have taught you what was needed for you to serve them. They can’t teach you more. Don’t expect miracles from them. You will have to work on it yourselves. Your perverted and crippled mind is the gift or rather by product of the education provided to you by the society. A crowd can never be intelligent. Intellect, freedom and bliss are individual’s aspects. An individual can be happy, or sad, or intelligent or idiot, or free or enslaved; crowd can never be. Society is a crowd. 

Remember nobody will do a favour. They cannot, they have their own self. They have to feed their desires; they do need their bread and butter. As long as you are helpful to them in one or the other means, they will help you. Lets us reclaim this fake business. You only can find answers to your questions. Nobody else can. I am a human being. I am weak, I have fear of death and I have desires. I have feelings. I am not god. I am a simple man like you all or rather weak. I am not able to understand all this matter. 

Gods are the nothing but our desires aggregated in larger masses. We create gods when we want. We ask them to fulfil our desires. We visit churches, temples and mosques only when we have something to ask for, but that is human nature. We are born with a self, an ego, a mind which makes you run all the time. You are not able to take a halt. Stop for a second and think. What if you fulfil all your desires of power, money, luxury, lust? Won’t more of them arise when earlier ones have been accomplished? Does this business ever stop? It never stops. We continue to crave for desires. We go on and on. We never stop, because, if we stop for a second, we might start thinking what is all this nonsense. God has become a business. Temples and churches are biggest of shopping malls where gaining, loosing, negotiating and all that business goes on. We buy gods in rupees and dollars, if not, then in golds and silvers. We promise him to pay if he fulfils what we want. Is this the god we pray, is this the god we trust? 

Motion keeps us afresh with our desires and senses. That’s why we keep running all the time. You know that stagnant water becomes useless. Mind is the same. If you stop for minute, you tend to think, what the hell is going on? And mind stops to work. Mind moves every inch to make you run again, in this endless world of thoughts, desires and needs. 

I am not against the mind; I am neither against desires, nor materialistic demands. I am an inquirer. I want to inquire, I want to find out. I have all these possessions. I love, I cry, I feel for other people, I have fear of death. I am not against this world. I cannot be. This is the only place we have, this is the only time we have got and this is the only life you are gifted. Let us all inquire, inquire within you, inquire the nature, inquire the trees, and inquire the world around, what is missing. Despite of all what we have there is something important missing, something substantial. We miss happiness and we miss freedom. We miss ourselves. We do not want to be machines, do we? Then let us all explore all the seen and the unseen. Let us find more out of it and then this all will start making sense. Even if you die within your process of exploration and inquiry, trust me, you would not go to hell, if there exists one! 

~Student of life, an Inquirer

About mohitvalecha

Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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