‘Please suggest a title for this story’

Reva was a simple girl but a loving adventure. Meet was a guy who was anti-social, but highly talented. Both loved each other in spite of being so contrast in nature.

Meet was an introvert and really very extreme in his habits. On the other hand, she was a free soul, meaning she would float in her dreams and fantasy world. 

Love is so difficult to understand, even though two people are so very different in nature, they loved each other so much….. You can see this in an excerpt from their life…So guys, here’s Meet and Reva for you…. 

Friday morning
Reva: My team is planning a trip to Matheran. It’s an overnight trip. Can I go Meet?
Meet (thinking about something else): Yes, it’s your call.
Reva: But are you sure, you would be fine if I go for 2 days?
Meet: Yes.
Reva: Ok, but I don’t want you to shout at me after I go…
Meet: Go if you like to go Reva, but usually you don’t come back at the time that you guys say you would return. You usually come late.
Reva: Not this time, we would be back by Sunday afternoon….. Hmm… not afternoon, say by evening. Yes, surely by Sunday evening.
Meet: I bet you won’t be back by the time you are saying.
Reva: No dear, I am sure, we would be back early this time. We don’t have much to do except to visit a few points, check out the new parachute ride, a bit of shopping and nothing more.
Meet (in thoughts): Girls always have an explanation for anything they do, be it completely crap.
Meet: Ok, now that monsoon is in full rage, go properly and come back safely.
Reva: Thanks dear, love u! I hope you won’t miss me much. And do something good at the weekend.
Meet (in thoughts): You never listen to me anyways; if I can I would bash up all your team members for dragging you in any kind of trips.
Meet: That’s fine; I would read some books, which would keep me occupied. 

Friday night
Reva (on phone with Meet): Are you still sure that it is ok if I go? This would be the last trip. Since most of my friends would be leaving soon for US for further studies, I now have a good chance to spend some time with them.
Meet (in thoughts): I know every trip is a last trip for you; don’t you ever think how much I miss u. and being weekend, how am I suppose to pass my time?
Meet: Take care of your health, and go if it makes you happy. I don’t have any issues.
Reva: Love you. I have to hang up now dear, have to pack my bags for tomorrow’s trip.
Meet: Ok. Good night. Sleep early so that you can get up on time for the trip.
Reva: Can you wake me up at 5:30 AM? I have to cook something for the trip n for dad too before I leave.
Meet: What if I don’t wake you up on time, will you stay back????
Reva: ????
Meet: Oh don’t worry, I was just kidding. I would set the alarm.

Saturday morning
Meet doesn’t wake up Reva. Reva gets a call from her sister, and she takes a look at the watch, its 6:45 AM.
She was supposed to reach office by 7, which was 30 minutes drive from home where everybody was supposed to gather for the trip.
Reva (panicked): Oh my god, I still have to bathe, arrange clothes in the bag, cook n then drive for office.
Reva hurriedly finishes all the tasks, and its 7:40 when she gets a call from a colleague Sanil.
Sanil: Where are you Reva? We all are waiting for you.
Reva: I will be there in 25 minutes, please wait for me.
Sanil: Ok, drive slowly, I was just joking, only half of them have made it so far, rest would be there soon. But try to reach by 8:00.
Reva: Ok sure buddy. Bye, would be there and hangs up.
Reva bids bye to her dad, n drives to office in a hurry. Her colleagues are playing cricket in the office lobby. She parks her bike, rushes to the rest room.

All get into the bus. Reva remembers that she has to call Meet. She dials Meet’s number.
Reva: Meet? The call gets disconnected.
She tries twice, but in vain. Then Meet calls back. Meet was still in his early slumber, he doesn’t like to be woken up so early on a weekend.
Meet (yawning): Hello, Reva?
Reva: Hi Meet. We are just about to leave.
Meet: OK. FINE.
Reva: Meet, please take care of your self n do something constructive during weekend.
Meet: You don’t have to worry. Go and ENJOY. (In his mind he says: Go to HELL).
Reva: Ok Meet, bye take care. I would call you once I reach there if I find a phone. I am not sure about the network over there.
Meet: OK. BYE.
Meet hangs up the phone.
Reva feels hurt by the rude tone of Meet, and starts thinking about him. And then her colleagues start shouting “Ganpati bappa Morya” and the bus starts.

Reva types a cute sms and sends it to Meet. No reply from Meet. She waits impatiently for reply, and at the same time tries to put up a smiling face in front of the crowd. 

Saturday afternoon
After reaching Matheran, they freshen up. Then, after sometime Reva is walking with her colleagues. She is still thinking what Meet is doing, and if he is still angry.
She gets a beep on the phone.
Reva: Hello?
Meet: Hi.
Reva: Hieeeee Meet. Why didn’t you call me?
Meet: I am calling from such a long time damn it; your phone is not reachable.
Reva: Meet, I had told you, I am not sure of the network over here.
Meet: Do what you want to. Go with your team mates and enjoy.
Reva is lagging behind her team. Her colleague shouts, “Reva, kya kar rahi hai??? Jaldi aa” (Reva, What are you doing?? come soon). They giggle thinking she is talking with her boyfriend n try to tease her.
Meet gets irritated overhearing the voice of Reva’s colleagues from the background, and asks Reva to join her team.
Reva walks ahead, the network goes blank, and the call gets disconnected.
Reva: Shittt, the call got disconnected.
Meet: What the hell? And he tries calling again.

Both Reva and Meet are trying to call each other for another fifteen minutes.
Reva: Oh God please bring this network one time, I would just tell him “I miss you”.
Meet (gets connected finally): Reva, it’s a network problem. You go ahead and enjoy, don’t get affected by my anger. You know my anger. If its there, its there, nothing can be done to lower it.
Reva: Ok sure, you take care dear… I miss you (Hangs up).
Reva (behind a bush, so that no one notices) wipes her tears, and joins her team. 

Saturday night
Meet is trying to call Reva. He tries fourth time, but due to bad network, the call gets disconnected every time. Finally,
Meet: Reva, Where are you guys right now?
Reva (in a low tone): In hotel, came back half an hour ago after roaming around the place for a while.
Meet: Ok (and Meet goes silent for a minute thinking what to talk further).
Reva: Meet, you there?
Meet: Yes.
Meet: Do you want say something?
Reva: Nothing much. Take care.
Meet: Ok, you too.
Meet: Do you know what is happening all around. Just switch on the news and see.
Reva: What happened? Please tell.
Meet: Can you step aside for a minute; there is a lot of noise at your end.
Reva: Ok sure (Reva comes near the balcony).
Meet: There have been 17 blasts in Ahmedabad. There is a red alert in most of the cities. In news, they say Mumbai could be the next target.
Meet: I am worried. When are you going to reach back? It’s a lot of police patrolling over here in Mumbai.
Meet: I really hate that you do everything your way, Now see, if anything happens… (goes silent)
Reva: I am sorry, Meet, I would try and come back soon. Please don’t worry, I am safe here.
Meet: Nothing doing, You are gonna come back by tomorrow afternoon. I would die every minute thinking of your safety.
Reva: Yes I would, surely.
And then Reva tells about the news to her team-mates, all are shocked and get tense. They watch the News channel. The next few minutes were really tense and silent.
All decided to try and go to sleep.

This was the first time; Reva was sleeping in her over night trip. She was in a state of shock, confusion and anxiety about Meet, if he is still mad on her. 

Sunday 2:00 PM
Reva (stumbling with her cell phone): Meet? Hello?
Meet (picks up the phone looking at his watch): Hmm, so you reached back.
Reva: No we are still on our way. Would reach in about 2 hours.
Meet: Ok sure (mujhe laga hi itne jadi kaisi aaogi).
Reva (happy to hear Meet’s voice after two long days): Yes! Meet. Ok listen; I have an appointment with the doctor in the evening. I will cancel that if you are planning to come. Let’s meet for a quick coffee when I reach back?
Meet: No need. I have some guests at home.
Reva (in a sad tone): Ok. I will collect my bike from office and would leave for home.
Reva was expecting a positive reply from Meet. She was anxious to meet him.
Meet: Ok. Come safely (hangs up the phone not bothering about the tears rolling in Reva’s eyes, and without even saying “Bye”). 

Sunday 3:00
Reva is still thinking about the way Meet hanged up. In her thoughts, she yells “How can Meet be so mean?”
Reva switches off her cell phone, takes a long breathe and leans on the bus seat.

Meet (watching TV): News flashes on the TV at 3:15, “One bomb detected in Mumbai”.
Meet panics, and tries calling Reva, but in vain.
He starts getting all kinds of negative thoughts, that Where was she? Was she safe?
He even thought of starting his bike and going to search her, but would he go?
He started praying and asked God to protect her. He never believed in God, but this time his prayer was true from the heart.
He swore, he won’t hurt her, and would always take care of her.
At last, Reva feels something in her mind too, switches on her phone, and calls Meet at 3:40.
Meet: Thank god, you are safe Reva? Where are you?
Reva: What happened? I just called to say I would reach in fifteen minutes.
Meet: I am coming near our coffee place; just meet me there at 4:15.
Reva: OK (Still doesn’t know what had happened at Meet’s end). 

Reva was upset with the incident. She reached office at 11 AM, although she dint want to go. She was as well feeling guilty, why did she go for the trip in the first place, if it made Meet unhappy? In the evening,
Meet (on the phone from his office): Reva, see you at 8.00 PM, same coffee place?
Reva: Ok.
Reva dint bother to talk much although otherwise she is the one responsible for these evening calls.

At the coffee place
Meet: Reva, you look upset.
Reva: No, I am fine.
Meet: What happened? I know you are still upset for that trip thing.
Reva keeps silent.
Meet (sipping the coffee): Reva, speak up dear.
Reva: I do not want to speak. Meet, its all about YOU every time, I always thought it was about us.
Meet: It is. It is about us Reva.
Reva: No Meet, it is only about you. All you care is for yourself. You never bother to think about my likings. I spoiled my trip. All the time, I was thinking about you. How can I ever be happy Meet, if you are sad?
Reva: I would surrender all my hobbies, and would never plan any trips in the future (tears start rolling in Reva’s eyes).
Meet: Reva, please listen to me. It is always about love, Reva. I can’t stop thinking of you either, never. All I see in my dreams and reality is you. I was not upset because you like trips, friends and all, but because I love you and would never want to stay without you, even for a minute.
Meet: Moreover I was worried about that blast thing. You tell me, what you would have done if you were in my place? I was panicked.
Meet (thinking how to make her smile): One more thing, Reva, you remember, you had asked me to do something constructive.
Reva keeps silent although she lifts her face to gaze at Meet’s expression.

Meet: I finished reading a book, you know, the one we bought together. It was about three friends in a college, you remember, Dil Chahta hai kinda (Dil Chahta Hai – a famous Bollywood movie about 3 friends).
Reva was still silent but now more eager to listen what Meet had to say. Although she was hiding her curiosity from Meet.
Meet (notices slight smile in Reva’s eyes and says to himself, ‘not enough, more to go’): Reva, I also helped mummy with her shopping, you know. You were pushing me from last week.
Reva: Hmm.
Meet (in thoughts): If guys could utilize half the time they spend mending broken female hearts, they could really change the face of the world.
Meet: Reva, I have planned something for you!
Reva (with inquisitive gaze + hidden smile): ??
Meet knows that Reva loves “Travelling” and “Meet”. He gave his final and best shot to rejoice Reva.
Meet: This weekend, I have arranged for a car from my uncle. He was asking all sorts of questions, but I somehow managed to explain that I need it for my friends. I have planned that we too are going for a day long ride to the mountains on Saturday morning.
Meet (smiling): But I won’t wake you up at 5.30 AM, would want to sleep for some more time.
Reva finally smiles!!


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Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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