Zürich, A REALISTIC city

We always wonder how life style varies in different countries across the globe. Every country has its own culture, style of living, language, weather etc. They all vary in some or the other means. 

I finally got a chance to visit and stay in Switzerland; although my stay was confined for Zurich, but the city still amazed me for a lot of things. The things which appealed me most here were the weather and a realistic style of living.  

Weather is really beautiful; it is like a dream season if you like cold, or it is like an appropriate combination of sun, wind and rain. I became a fan of the cool breeze piercing my ears every time I was out of my apartment. The weather although not so cold, which people here told me but I was still enjoying it. They said it is normally much more chilling during winters. 

The second best I liked about the place is a realistic style of living. Life is quite organized here; people don’t bother about anybody else but bother about rules, discipline. They do all sorts of things which are possible to be done but still follow some pre defined set of rules which is a key ingredient to the structured life style here. They are more realistic; places are pre organized to suit human needs. Every non living thing is operational, since everybody takes care of their own stuff. Roads are quite clean if you overlook chewing gums and cigarettes buds. The city gets quite quiet during post evening hours; you will still find people on the roads, public transport encircling the city every hour, but no commotion. 

If you notice the lives of people here and around, it is very practical and mature. They have organized everything which is required as a mandate for human life and also what is not a mandate and optional. They care for human lives as the prime priority. Vehicles stop automatically when you are crossing the road (except when it is a busy road and you see a red light on for pedestrians), most of the doors open automatically when you encounter them and about 3 to 4 feet away from them, irrespective of you being at a shopping mall, a friend’s apartment, a train station or at a public toilet. So far I did not notice any officer handcuffing anybody for breaking any rule although I noticed everyday everybody following all the rules, which are supposed to be followed, which is a pride in itself for the country. They have already leveraged protocols which are most often broken everywhere and implies that most of us need them and that they are not required. 

In terms of diet, they mostly depend on packed foods. This factor is neutralized by the quality of packed stuff which you get here. You will mostly find good quality items and hence expensive. Nobody shouts, nobody fights and nobody stares. Hello, hi, thank you, sorry, please are most common words heard around everywhere. Nobody crosses your way, nobody trespasses non-trespassing zones. It is quite amazing to see people following all the rules which are necessary. This cannot happen with the fear of punishments when you break them but on the contrary it only happens when you have understood the actual meaning, importance and benefits of the rules.

About mohitvalecha

Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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  1. Luigi Fulk says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you gain knowledge, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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