Always Near Always Far

Do you think it’s strange?
For anything to be
Always near always far
But that’s how you are

You reside in my work
You rest in my play
You conquered my heart,
And still so away

No rest, no work
From me without you
Coloured my complete life,
Still remained a hue

Though being so far
How could you control me?
As if you are so near,
That you could feel me

This near and far puzzle
Puzzled me since times
Tried all my ways,
But couldn’t really find!!

About mohitvalecha

Mohit is an optimistic day-dreamer and romancer who gave up his 11 year old software profession experience to build his dream in Creative Writing. He writes blogs, articles, reviews, children stories, fiction and non-fiction spirituality books to promote reading and provide a meaning to people’s lives. If he is not reading or writing, you would find him making mock, cock and all other kinds of tails or playing with his charming son Krishna. His life is a love triangle with three corners being Devi, Krishna and his Guru, Sirshree. Mohit’s passion is Meditation, Heal and Help people and play “Bhi ta!” (Another form of Hide-&-Seek) with Krishna.
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1 Response to Always Near Always Far

  1. Devi says:

    Ahh, Such a well written poem…. Really amazed on how nicely you have put forth your feelings… [:)] I understand that when someone is so near to our heart, its strange that they r still far by distance…. Maybe we meet that person or maybe we dont, maybe the person is with us or he is not with us, but still the warmth of feeling them so close to our heart is a wonderful feeling…. Awesome poem from ur side, I hope I see more poems coming from ur end [:)]

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