Mom I love you

Mom I love you

There are no words to talk about her. She is God on earth. She is alive for her child.

They say, God could not take care of everybody at all times (although he could do it:)) so he created mom. Mother – Beauty, honesty, dedication, unconditional love, infinite patience, power, courage, trust and immense sacrifice makes a mother. Even these words are not important. They just point towards the endless beauty and integrity contained by a mother.

First she is just a girl, they she becomes a wife and learns to hold more responsibilities. Then the miracle happens. A child is born and she becomes a mother. A baby is born with the power to transform a woman into a mother.

I am just short of words today.

I love you mom. Without you, there is nothing. There is no life, no nothing.

May god give you complete health, love, freedom, peace, happiness, prosperity of all shapes and sizes for infinite years to come.

Mom I love you

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All you need is a haircut

When you don’t know what to do or (what to write – for writers), go for a haircut.

How does it help?


Ok. Ok.

Let me clarify.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Take a shower.
  • Shampoo your hair.
  • Apply lotion.
  • Dress up nicely.
  • Spray your favorite fragrance.


I’m sure you have started feeling better by now. If you haven’t, then you surely need a haircut.

Decide on a style. If you don’t know anything about it, just leave it to your barber.

Tell him that you want to look smart J Job well done. They’ll do the rest. They do it all the time.

Live up. Don’t live down. This moment is all you have. If you don’t know what do to. Accept it as it is. Just relax. Enjoy the non-doing.


This is the secret.

We’ve become so accustomed to doing that we forget life. We forget to eat properly or take a shower (once in a while) or even breathing …

Live properly, even if nothing happens. It’s ok. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to fail.

It’s ok to sleep until late. It’s ok to face new difficulties. It’s ok if nothing is working out.


You are still alive. Be thankful for this life.

Next time you feel yourself being pulled in a whirlpool of negative thoughts…go get a haircut.

It helps!


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Train to London

Ideally this post should’ve come before the London Book Fair post. But that’s not too important. The important part is sharing and thoughts should be shared as they come through the heart and not literally, as they fall on the scale of time, suggested by the definition of a blog. Check out more pictures for London Book Fair here.

We (myself, my beautiful wife, Devi and my little prince, Krishna) were on the VirginEastCoast train to London heading towards visiting one of the most important and global events in the book industry – London Book Fair. The event is organised once every year and is said to host a meeting platform for some of the finest craftsmen in the industry.

It was all random and we were not even planned. No formals, no prior appointments, no checklists, last minute bookings, and only a handful of printouts. Somehow we managed to pack the bags and invested last couple of days to get ready. We were not even sure whether authors had a takeaway or not.

The train was boarded on 12th of April 2016, the first inauguration day for the book fair. The event dates were 12th, 13th and 14th and we were already missing out on the first day.

Then, something wonderful happened on the train that lifted our hopes and spirit. Krishna was busy checking out the running landscapes and colourful horses, out of the train window while Devi was busy taking care of him. I happen to sit across a very old couple and then immediately the old lady moved to another locations saying that she wanted to read. Perhaps she needed more silence than Krishna would ever allow her. Then I was left alone opposite the old guy. He had an aura of rich experience around him and wore a hippie and typical colourful woollen english cap with thick woven woollen threads hanging on each side of the head. He wore a fancy colourful woollen sweater and had a matching jacket and a mountaineer bag (he told me later).

After a while, he asked me, “How old is he?” pointing towards Krishna.

“Two and a half,” I replied and added that “He is very naughty.”

“Well, we are all naughty at that age,” were his words.

The words amused me and then while turning the pages of the newspaper, he asked, “What do you do?”

“I write.”

My reply brought a new smile to his face and his expressions  changed completely in a positive way. He put down his newspaper and became more interested in the conversation.

“Wow,” he said. “Let me buy you a coffee.”

“I write too.”

“What kind of books do you write?” He asked.

“Children books,” I replied.

“Well I write Medical textbooks for Africa. Procedures you know.”

“That’s wonderful,” I said.

Then the stewardess passed by and he actually bought me a coffee.

“Black without milk, without sugar please,” I said.

And, then as they say, a lot can happen over coffee. He played with Krishna, shared half of his ham sandwich, and showed his antique red battery torch that he hung around his neck.

I gifted him a “Thought Revolution” book by Sirshree and shared my gmail id. We also talked about the new movie thats playing in cinemas – “The man who knew Infinity” which is about a Madras maths genius, Ramanujan and Hardy, the mathematician. He took a note of the Hardy-Ramanujan number i.e. 1729 in his handy notebook and black gel pen.

I told him how I was looking for publishers with 6 stories ready and really interested to get my books on the market and looking towards London Book Fair to help me achieve this.

“May you get lots of contracts.” He said in a confident voice.

The voice had a magical effect on me and I had the feeling that I had already sold a lot of books.

“Maurice King,” he said, “Pleased to meet you.”

Then we had reached London Kings Cross and he departed saying, “Meet you in heaven.”

I requested for a picture with him and he allowed.

Maurice King Maurice King, Author

This incident gave me an outburst of fresh energy that helped me survive the book fair tour and transform it into a huge success.

Things just happen you know, there is no why or when to it. Look out!

Thought Revolution

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London Book Fair

It’s a long time since I have been in England but haven’t posted anything. Most of this time, I had been learning new things, gaming, reading and writing. A lot will come soon. However just for you to know, this second week of April 2016 has been very productive visiting the London Book Fair.

I visited the London Book Fair, held at Olympia, London with my sweetheart and little hero. It has been very productive and got a chance to meet some of the finest people in the book industry; artists, publishers, agents, authors, CEOs, Printers and so on.

London Book Fair

The vision has come and it is going to materialise. Lots to learn and implement.

More to come soon.



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Its a wonderful day☺

Its a wonderful day.
Whatever is happening is nothing short of wonders.
Thank you god.
Thank you all.

Feeling blessed.
Tomorrow I travel to England with my hearts Devi and Krishna.

May this new journey be full of love, joy and peace!
I ask for apologies and my heartfelt forgiveness to all all of you.

Please forgive me from your mighty hearts!

VIPs Zipped!
Bright Flight to Leeds in 12 hours!

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He is neither cold nor hot. He is warm.

He is warm-hearted. He is the warmth.

He is the very life is us. In everything. He is life. He lives.

Life lives itself through you.

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Only living doesn’t count. Thats just breathing.

Don’t just go on living. Add fucking value. Because adding value means living.

Live every moment because every one of them is the first and the last one that you’ll never get back.

Live it fully and make the most of it

Be available. Life is waiting to sing through you.

We don’t contain life, life contains us. It surrounds us.

We live in the ocean of life. We live in the ocean of love.

Listen to the moment. Be with yourself.

One who is available is living. One who is not knows how to live.

Welcome to life!


This article is dedicated to Mayank Japra, Dishant Japra and all my brothers and friends!

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