56 Rewarding Tips for Budding Writers

I love writing and have always wanted to be a mainstream writer. I have written several stories, reviews, inspirational articles, recipes, blogs and more. It has been my dream to write continuously but it was slow in the beginning years of practice. Recently I have initiated my second innings in writing – Thanks to Tejgyan Foundation. Currently I am working on 3 projects and 6 more are lined up. Here is a list that I thought, might help the upcoming writers. This list is dedicated to my dear, darling and beautiful wife Devi who did not give up on inspiring me. She is even encouraging me now! Thank you.

  1. Watch an inspirational video. Log on to YouTube.
  2. Keep yourself inspired at all times.
  3. Read continually – Newspapers, Books, Poetry, Magazines, Blogs, Memoirs, Diaries, Stories, Novels, Children’s books and everything else that appeals.
  4. Look closely for stories wherever you go. Millions of them are hidden all around you. Be at your Heart and Observe.
  5. Write Everyday (those who plan to earn their living by writing). Set yourself a Daily Goal, say 1000 words a day. As you progress you can re-visit the goal.
  6. Connect with People. Be socially active and Available Online.
  7. Respect and Value your readers.
  8. Make your writing worthwhile and value for money.
  9. Write about things less-talked. This gives you uniqueness.
  10. Look for your topics on Google and research thoroughly.
  11. Read and Follow Good Writers. Notice their ideas, styles, uniqueness in their niche, homework, perseverance, contacts and everything else that you could.
  12. Get yourself equipped with a few other forms of Art (unless you are alreadyJ) e.g. Painting, Illustrations, Graphics, Design, Cartoons, Drawing, Animation, Photography and so on. There are tons of possibilities here.
  13. Keep Mastering in your Craft. Always keep improving.
  14. Practice variety. Write about anything and everything. Here are a few options: Dialogues, Monologues, Short/Long Stories, Fantasies, Technical Writing, Interviews, Reviews, Jokes, Transcripts, and Translations.
  15. Keep building on your Vocab.
  16. Power up your Verbs and Adjectives.
  17. Learn to write on the web. Writersdigest gives you daily prompts. You can write story around it. You may find many flavors of stories on a single topic.
  18. Practice Continuously.
  19. Write the same thing in different styles, at different times using different ideas.
  20. Learn to Summarize. Be Concise, Simple, Clear and Crisp. Cut out words which are redundant and break long sentences into short ones.
  21. Respect everybody’s work. Don’t compare yourself with anybody else. Learn from others and compete with yourself.
  22. Keep a dictionary handy. Load your phones with useful apps.
  23. Watch a lot of Movies.
  24. Learn to Contemplate. Think deeply on your topics.
  25. Make yourself comfortable with Manual Writing. Keep a diary and pen handy.
  26. Always fulfill your Commitments. Gain Trust and build Credibility.
  27. Expand your Imagination power.
  28. Every Book, Project, Article or Idea is different. Treat everything as New.
  29. Always be Open and ready to Learn.
  30. Travel Often. This gives you new dimensions to think about.
  31. Ideas are floating everywhere all the time. Be Receptive.
  32. Meet new people and Make new friends. Anybody can be a potential Character. Identify unique traits of People.
  33. Sharpen your sense of Observation.
  34. Learn a couple of Languages. E.g.: Portuguese, Mandarin, Sanskrit and Hebrew. Your variety in words may attract different readers.
  35. Learn to read better, faster and in different ways. There are at least 7 different ways of reading I know about.
  36. Explore new subjects that you do not have a clue about.
  37. Learn different ways to make your living by Writing. There are websites which pay you for writing.
  38. Writing conveys a ‘message’. Words serve as a medium to convey it. Do not lose your focus from the core message.
  39. Learn to Meditate. Relax and be at your Heart before you write. You can even say a short prayer before starting to write.
  40. Create a space for yourself.
  41. Make a time-table. Without discipline, nothing is ever achieved.
  42. Trust yourself completely.
  43. Plan your next day’s work tonight.
  44. Drink lots of Water. Be hydrated, energized and exercise.
  45. Eat Healthy and Sleep Peacefully.
  46. Think deeply about the projects you want to work on just before you sleep. This gives a chance to your sub-conscious mind to bring new ideas to you.
  47. Build a Blog if you don’t have one.
  48. Subscribe for the blogs you are interested in.
  49. Keep an eye on the new words.
  50. Make a library for yourself.
  51. Build a glossary for yourself.
  52. Make a list of your favorite books. Read them more than once and understand the real purpose behind their creation.
  53. Write about solutions on current issues for audience. E.g.: relationships, pregnancy blues, stress busters, parenting challenges etc.
  54. Go Visual and Viral. Visual goes into subconscious and Viral reaches the world.
  55. Rhyme it up!
  56. Lastly- Never ever give up. Walls will show themselves up at times, but with perseverance, everything can be achieved.

Just for you to know, I follow almost all of them for myself.

By Mohit Valecha (Writings From the Heart)

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A Happy and Meaningful Journey

Happy Journey is a Marathi masterpiece, released in 2014 under the banner of Everest Entertainment, produced by Sanjay Chhabria and directed by Sachin Kundalkar that revolves around the struggling life of a lower financial class Marathi family. The story is about a responsible brother Niranjan acted by Atul Kulkarni – the Marathi super star of Bollywood, who is forced to abandon his family in his tender teenage to earn the basic needs. Distressed and Furious, he travels to Dubai looking for a business opportunity to make the ends meet. Burning midnight’s oil and passing severe tests of Fate he spends all of his ripe young age in earning bread and butter for the family. Left behind are his poor and innocent parents and a younger sister Janaki played by Priya Bapat who is sick and eventually gets bedridden with an incurable cancer. Janaki’s illness spreads and Time calls for her. She passes away and Niranjan comes back only to find that there is nothing else left for him. After spending two decades of making a living in the helter-skelter of Dubai and with a foggy memory of early life he finds no common moments with his family to be cherished and awkwardly decides to go back as soon as possible.

The story turns upside down with a surprise twist when Niranjan is shocked to find Janaki sleeping in the back seat of her homely ambulance that carried her to and fro during the hospital visits, after the final rites. This moment changes everything in his life and opens an unexpected and uncharted dimension. The movie teaches that Death could be funny and one should not be scared of it. It is just a continuation of Life in another way. It could be transformed to a happy and remorseless experience only if accepted fully and lived completely to the last minute. Death appears to be ghostly only because we live our life like Ghosts with no touch of Life and Happiness. It takes a while before Janaki convinces Niranjan out of his fear and urges him to start living without any further delay. She literally takes him for ride in that transformed ambulance and starts a Happy Journey.

Happy Journey

Happy Journey

A lot of gems are scattered in the movie that point towards the higher meaning of Life. There is much more to it than just getting up in the morning, earning and sleeping only to start again the next day. Suddenly something happens and we are at a loss because we were not prepared for it. Life goes on and we forget to live and breathe only to survive. Niranjan gets a second chance. Second chances are very rare. Something lost is lost forever. Upon finally realizing the importance of this golden chance, he then leaves no stone unturned in fulfilling all the remaining wishes of his charming younger sister who mentors his way across life and they spend a merry time together. Brother and Sister can share a unique bond of true friendly love that can surpass all the obstacles. We often forget the importance of all the wonderful gifts that we have received and take them for granted only to realize when they are gone. Janaki stops in the middle of her Journey after Life only to complete the unfulfilled threads. All the life that they had lost in that 20 years of physical distance comes to fulfillment and leaves them happy, contented and without any regrets.

Life is an impermanent journey where we all are fellow travelers. Nothing is forever as Janaki tells her brother and hints that she need to go after her work here is done. We often repeat the same mistake of holding on to people and things for our happiness. Happiness is about living fully and not looking for it outside. She also supports him in abducting his childhood love Alice (Pallavi Subhash) consentingly from the clutches of her Criminal parents and 300 pounds bodyguard Chumbak gifting her the Freedom she had desired. Having fulfilled her purpose now Janaki leaves Niranjan and Alice for each other never to return. Niranjan, a transformed person now, bids her farewell with a heavy heart and learns to welcome everything that life gives and moves on with the memories of her sweet angelic sister.

The movie perfectly portrays complex human emotions in a simple heart-touching way with the message that true love has the power to transform. Seemingly huge obstacles automatically give away for determined and focused travelers is another thing to be learned from this must watch family drama. Also starring Siddhartha Menon, Shivkumar Subramaniam and Chitra Palekar, the film is yet another milestone of this Golden period of Marathi Cinema.

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Baahubali – The Beginning

Baahubali – The Beginning is a life-size portrayal of the immortal story of Baahubali – a revered Jain figure known for his mighty power, sharp wit and impervious determination. He was the son of Rishabhdev (the first Teerthankar in the lineage of Jainism) who is known to attain Enlightenment meditating in a standing posture for a full year. Creepers and vines grew on his body and birds made nests in his hair coir’s while he stood motionless with a focused intention to achieve Kevalya Gyana – the highest knowledge after attaining which one becomes a Master (Siddha).

S.S. Rajamouli – the master director of the movie, along with his team has won yet another feather for the crown of Tollywood by presenting this lovely tale in almost perfect manner. The entire crew of the movie deserves a pat on the back for the commendable team work in getting things right. The movie secured a super rating of 9.2 on IMDB and created raves while people flocked to the theaters like honey-bees. A cinematic revolution has been started with The Beginning which is planned to end with the much awaited Baahubali – The Conclusion in 2016.



The movie is inspired by the original story of Baahubali, tweaked to adapt to the contemporary audience with a touch of Indian epic legend – The Mahabharata. Using Hi-End technology and rich visual effects like 300, the Jain historical classic has been presented with a captivating story and exquisite details. Featuring Tamannaah, the South Indian Siren playing Prabhas’s love interest in the movie while he portrays the original Baahubali with his hulky metal biceps, hefty 6-pack abs and lamppost’s height.

The sets are larger than life and flawlessly fit in to support the herculean characters of Baahubali and Bhallaladeva. The main plot revolves around the eternal conflict between the Good and the Evil represented by the two brothers of the same blood just like the original tale. Baahubali was known for his mighty physical strength as the name literally means the one with powerful arms. The protagonist grows up with a strange tribe who worships Lord Shiva, situated at the bottom of an insurmountable waterfall mountain range while his destiny lies at the top of the cliff, in the Mahishmati kingdom – led and ruled by Bhallaladeva. He is named as Shiva by his foster mother Sanga, from the tribe who considers him to be a boon of the Lord.

It is a story of Valor and Deceit, of Courage and Love and of Authority and Invincibility and leaves a mark on the audience who leave the theaters with their jaws dropped open anxious to see the next part. The first half of the movie showcases excellent visual effects and well-practiced stunts by the hero with a thrilling story that slowly picks the pace. Prabhas – the famous Tollywood hunk with his super-large biceps and mountain-like figure is seen jumping from the impossible cliff only to succeed after many lost attempts to reach his destiny. In the real story – the Baahubali after deciding to quit the war and avoid the bloodshed took up the Kayotsarga posture of meditation to attain the Kevalya Gyana (the highest knowledge).

Kayotsarga in Sanskrit means a Yogic posture of Jain Meditation in which one stands immovably. It means to shift from the body (kaya) and to rise (utsarga) towards the Ultimate. A Divine calling from above the Mountains urges Shiva to try and climb the inconceivable cliffs to reach the top and discover the purpose of his life. In an attempt to look for the answer of the ultimate question- “Who am I?” he climbs the unsurpassable goal using his supernatural acrobatics and the power of the Lord Shiva. Tamannaah presents herself as Shiva’s dream girl flaunting her snowy white body luring him to reach atop.

The story speeds up and keeps the audience engaged for its full running time which is approximately three hours. Ramya Krishnan, the famous south star known for her versatile roles, plays the Godmother (Rajmata) of the Mahishmati Kingdom and delivers excellent performance with her throaty voice and fierce looks. The movie also showcases various other famous South Indian stars such as Rana Daggupati playing Bhallaladeva, Anushka Shetty and Satyaraj for all the four released versions Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Leave a couple of weak points and sharp turns in the story, the movie is a recommended must watch and worth every penny you spend.

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Love u Papa, Love you Mom

I dedicate this article to two of the sweetest people on this Earth – My Parents. They gave birth to me, brought me up, taught me all the important lessons, took every little care of me, catered to my tantrums, answered all my stupid questions and did everything else that was necessary. As I write this, I feel overwhelming love for these two beautiful souls who re-adjusted their life to make space for me. They kept changing and re-changing their priorities to let me have my own. They allowed me to enter and touch every part of their life and take control over their routine.

Parents are not born, they are created out of Pure Selfless Love, Sacrifice, Persistence and Untiring Efforts. When God wants to make an addition to the existing population, he chooses two people, whispers something in their ears and fills them with his own qualities. Then the magic happens.

Kids are demanding and they need attention. They need security and love at every step. They need guidance and assistance all the time to make new choices. They need answers to their endless questions. They fall and need somebody to pick them up, brush their shoulders and say – “That was a nice try, my child. Let’s go again!”

I love you Papa. I love u Mom. This is for you. I feel so powerless to put this strange bond of love in words. They feel so tiny to contain the magical touch of love. You both are wonderful and I would not be here without you. I feel incomplete, dead and so base-less without you the feeling of which cannot be explained. I wish you both a great, healthy, long and prosperous life ahead. I will spend more time with you. I promise to listen to everything you want to say and I wish I could do a few things to make you happy.

Parents are the architects of Life. They carve masterpieces out of rocks of flesh. Without the motherly love and support from the Father no child can grow and perform.

Look at your parents. A lot of untold stories are hidden in those lines of their faces that need to be told. They wait for days together just to have a look at you and you just pass by them without even noticing them. They get older everyday as you celebrate your birthdays. It was them who cut your first cake holding your tiny fingers in their hands and wished – “Happy Birthday my Child!” They are the ones who have given up everything important in their lives so that you could flower and grow. They miss their meals but ensure that you’ve eaten on time. They lived on with rugged clothes so that you could buy new ones. Their love and their sacrifices are endless and cannot be put into words. It is an extremely difficult task.

Whatever you are today is because of your parents. Everything you hold and own today finds its way in their love and perseverance. Parents are irreplaceable. Their love is simply so unique and beautiful. They changed their plans and thought about you. They worked day and night to give you good food and warm bed at night. They sang lullabies that made you sleep peacefully and courageous and inspiring stories of heroes that shaped your life.

It’s not easy to realize how important your parents are as they live. In the helter-skelter of life and trying to make the ends meet, one often forgives them. We plan a lot of things for ourselves but for them, we don’t find time but they never complain. They do not scold you for not paying attention to them. They wait. Wait patiently and think that someday you’ll come and hug them. Most of their desires have been trampled by their duties towards giving a bright future to you. They silently pray that someday you’ll understand the love they feel for you.

As I became a Father myself 2 years ago, I realized how important a child is, how tiny and fresh and how captivating and full of energy. These 2 years gave me a new dimension of thought about my parents. With every passing day the respect for my parents grew which is not even a tiny speckle in comparison to their oceanic boundless love.

Spend time with them. If you are one of the lucky ones who still have them, it is an extremely rare chance for you to re-live those deserved moments with them. They have been waiting endlessly. Give them a loving touch and feel their love. Be with them where they need you and let them express all they have held in their hearts. Life is a gift of Nature which becomes useful only because of them. Time flies and nobody knows anything of the future. Do it today and make your life worthwhile. Express your gratitude and tell them how much you love them. No words or praises can make them happy for they truly desire you to be really happy and successful.

Thank you God for giving me wonderful parents. Thank you Papa, Thank you Mom. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me for the wrongs that I did and for all the times when I was harsh with you and everything else that I do not remember. Please keep showering your Grace and unconditional Love that shines my way and gives me strength. May God give you a Long, Happy and Healthy Life.

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Speaking of Silence

Today I bring you a funny Zen story but funny doesn’t mean it is not important. As you already know by now- Zen stories are puzzles (Koans) that come from the Zen Masters that point to the higher meaning of life and are potential techniques for Self-Realization.

Let’s discuss more after you read the story-

Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks.
By nightfall on the first day, the candle began to flicker and then went out. 

The first monk said, “Oh, no! The candle is out.” 

The second monk said, “Aren’t we not supposed to talk?” 

The third monk said, “Why must you two break the silence?” 

The fourth monk laughed and said, “Ha! I’m the only one who didn’t speak.”

Mind is the eternal Joker always ready to do funny things. If you are not attached to it – you could understand it’s jokes and laugh but If you don’t you will be trouble.
The idea is to learn the way – the right way to look at the mind.

Let’s go to the story –

Mind does not want to silent. In Silence, is the death of the Mind. Mind cannot survive in the profound silence of the present moment. In present moment there is nothing apart from the moment itself. There is absolutely nothing that the mind can do in the present. If you want to go to the past or future, mind is required. Present just requires your presence. Nothing is to be done. So naturally mind will create troubles and will say one thing or the other to break the Silence. In ultimate silence, the truth dawns upon you. Truth can only be known in Silence.

We are a victim of the herd mentality. We can’t decide for ourselves and wait for the others to start. We want others to spoon feed us and back our decisions. If one starts, then second starts- When many start, it is considered to be an important thing to do. More and people join the herd but nobody stops for a moment to question.

Continuity is the key to success. The monks decided to silently meditate for 2 weeks but it is difficult for the mind. On the first day itself as the candle went out, the mind of the first found a reason to talk on the very first event that had happened. It could not hold and wanted to say something about it. There is nothing to say actually – the candle went out, it went out. But it wanted to speak anyway. Immediately the second one spoke too. It was already waiting. The second monk wanted to speak nonetheless but did not want to be the first one to break the rule. He thought the first one broke the rule and not me. This is “Blaming” technique. Put the blame on somebody else and you feel at ease. You did not do it – he did.

The second one wanted to remind the rule. This is another technique of the mind – “Rationalizing”. He said – “Aren’t we supposed to talk?” He is reminding of their oath – the rule. So he knows I’m breaking the rule but I have a good reason to do it. I am reminding them of the rule.

The third one reminds the first two that they broke the rule, by breaking the rule himself. Mind wants to see outside and is unable to see its own side. It is blinded to see only the outer side and not itself. The third one feels safe that he has not broken the rule but the first two did and he has the right to teach them a lesson. He is angry and breaks the rule himself.

The fourth one represents the final way of the mind – the ego. He remained silent but now he wanted to tell everybody that had won otherwise who cares. Nobody would remember later that he did not speak. So he had to speak. So he broke the rule and said – I did not speak. Ego wants to show off and wants to prove his way. Silence cannot be talked about. Even by saying the word “Silence” the Silence is broken.

All these are techniques of the mind. Beware of them!

Whenever you make a goal and devote yourself in it – just be with it until it completes. Leave the herd mentality and ask yourself –

  • What is my Understanding?
  • How should I behave?
  • What is my goal?
  • What is important for me – to prove myself right or my goal?

The real meaning of Silence is to be understood by going deeper and deeper into silence. Meditation is for you and not for the others. Even if others break the rule why should you?

Somebody plucks a flower from a plant. He does it based on his understanding. It is important for you to do what you feel is right! Witness your ego – all its amusements and nuisances. This is the beginning of your spiritual development.

Another part to understand is preparations. Monks in the story represents the seekers who have not prepared themselves well for the task. Had they prepared themselves, they might have succeeded. If you are going to start a task – prepare yourself first. Spend some time for preparations. The more important the task, the more you should prepare yourself. Ask –

  • What kinds of odds I might face during the task?
  • Am I ready to beat the odds and succeed no matter what comes in my way?

Think about it…

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Just two words

Dear Seekers!

Welcome to Know Your SELF.
What I have for you today is another revealing Zen story. The question is  – What does it reveal?

Well, It reveals ample of secrets that we will talk about once you’ve read it. Just for you to know – It is one of the funniest and most famous Zen stories across the world.

Enjoy the reading!

There once was a monastery that was very strict. Following a vow of silence, no one was allowed to speak at all. But there was one exception to this rule. Every ten years, the monks were permitted to speak just two words. After spending his first ten years at the monastery, one monk went to the head monk. “It has been ten years,” said the head monk. “What are the two words you would like to speak?”

“Bed… hard…” said the monk.

“I see,” replied the head monk. 

Ten years later, the monk returned to the head monk’s office. “It has been ten more years,” said the head monk. “What are the two words you would like to speak?” 

“Food… stinks…” said the monk. 

“I see,” replied the head monk. 

Yet another ten years passed and the monk once again met with the head monk who asked, “What are your two words now, after these ten years?” 

“I… quit!” said the monk. 

“Well, I can see why,” replied the head monk. “All you ever do is complain.”

The mind that wants to quit will eventually quit. The reason could be anything. Reasons are immaterial and are part of cheap rationalizations.
The real reason is that you want to quit so you quit; as simple as that. You did not want to quit – so you did not quit.

Ask the following questions before you begin a task –

  • Do I want to achieve this no matter what?
  • On what conditions I am going to quit?
  • Have I prepared for the adverse situations that might happen during the course?
  • Why am I doing this? 

This contemplation done before-hand will equip you better for the job that you undertake. Prepare before you start. Understand and remember the purpose and keep yourself awake at all times.

Let’s get to the story now –

This is a funny yet very meaningful story. You should ideally laugh after reading this story :)

The mind keeps complaining even if it is of a Monk. Mind does not pay heed to the monk. Mind is a Monkey and it spells longer than a Monk. A decade is too long a time to train the Mind but it does not want to be trained. It wants to quit and it does not want to be tamed. Mind is the obstacle that the Seekers will have to cross on the path to Self-Discovery. Be aware of your Mind. Look at its games, its tactics, its ways of deceiving you and its excuses. Mind need not be conquered but it needs to be Understood. Understanding of the Truth dissipates away the mind. On understanding the Real Truth, the Mind becomes a devotee of the Truth and achieves its true purpose.

The story also highlights the importance of Silence on the path to Enlightenment. Silence is very important on this path. The story tells us that monks were allowed to talk only two words per decade. This rule is to emphasize the importance of Silence over chatter. This rule also means you do not keep talking to yourself or within your mind. It suggests to be silent within and outside and to practice the teachings silently. Silence is a great friend and tool to know about your SELF. Learn and practice the importance of Silence. Silence can only be understood in Silence!

Piece of Contemplation –

How many words do you speak every day?
How many words do you speak to yourself (Self-Talk – the chatter that goes on in your mind unceasingly) every day?
If you were the monk in the story – would you be able to maintain your silence for 10 years?

Think and thank about it… :)

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Is that so?

Dear Seekers and Friends!

I wish you a very good morning with a bright Zen story.

Say aloud in your heart a couple of times – Good Morning Zen!
Feel the positive vibrations.

Today’s story is different. It is a metaphor for us all who are a victim of the mind. The mind rules our lives; the way we behave, we think or we do is all basically governed by our minds. The story that follows acts like a mirror that is going to reflect the nature of our mind.

It is also going to show us how a man of truth behaves. How does a man who has known lives? How does he think and how does he respond? How he handles various challenges that life brings and steers his course.

I really hope it is going to be a wonderful learning. Let’s talk more after reading the story. Read it slowly with a loving heart –

There was a Zen master who held a good reputation in his community.

One day the neighbors came to his door enraged and furious, accusing him of having fathered the child that their teenager was about to bear.

 The Zen master said: “Is that so”?

 The rumors ran wild and the master lost his reputation.

A few months later the child was born and the baby was brought to the Zen master, who accepted and cared for him or her.

A year later the daughter of the neighbors admitted that the father was actually the butcher of the town.

The parents, mortified, went back to the Zen master’s house and confessed, apologized and asked for the child back.

 The Zen master said: Is that so? – then returned the baby.

Is that so? 

One who has known, is cool:) in every situation. He does not label and he does not judge. He knows that the real him is beyond all the scenes. He knows that whatever happens, happens for good despite the falsely appearing pictures. He trusts existence completely. He is not bothered about the past nor anxious about the future. Whatever existence brings on his door, he welcomes it.

In the story we can see that the Master was blamed to have illegally fathered a child with a teenage village girl. We all know that this is too big a blemish on anybody’s collar but the Master was not moved. His calm was not lost. He did not shout or fight. He accepted the blame and immediately took the responsibility of the accusation and accepted the child. He not only accepted the gift that nature brought to him but lovingly fathered him and nurtured him. He did not bother about his reputation either.

Is it possible to have such a cool mind?

Later when the true culprit was found village people felt ashamed of their doings they apologized to the master. They asked for his forgiveness and gave the responsibility of the child to his original father. At this moment again, the Master did not budge. Not only the Master was free of all Judgments but also from the shackles of Attachment. He was not attached but he loved the child, provided for all his needs and cared for him. When asked to return the child, he bowed down to the existence and obeyed. He gave the child back without adding any conditions or trails. He did not say – Why did you blame me earlier? 

There was so much material for the mind to talk and commentate, but it did not say a word. The mind lives like an obedient servant with the master. You see, the monkey has been tamed.

A person of Zen has gone beyond the mind and all its colors. He has known the Truth and he lives in complete harmony with the existence.

Piece of Contemplation –
What would you have done in these situations?
How would you have reacted in this scene?

Think about it…

Have a Zen life!

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